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Colour Analysis


Wearing the right colours for your skin tone is the basis of successful dressing and I would love to prove this to you. You may have the most expensive, finely tailored garment, however, if it is not in the correct shade it could make you look older and tired. It may be creating shadows where they shouldn’t be, emphasising imperfections such as blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines, dulling the complexion and eyes and distorting face shape.


We can all wear almost any colour, it’s the intensity and undertone that make the difference. Learn to look younger and healthier naturally and easily. Enhance your skin tone and let your radiance shine through - literally no needles or any invasive surgery involved! Using a variety of fabric drapes, we will determine if you have a cool, or warm undertone and depending how far you would like to explore this, we can incorporate all 3 theories of Colour Analysis to arrive at your Season. Your Season doesn't relate to when you were born, or stage of your life, but reflects the colours you look best in found at that time of year.


SPRING - representing the bright splashes of colour seen in the these months, such as the vivid green flower stalks and the vibrant yellow of the Narcissus.


SUMMER - the softer colours of sweet peas and the hazy sun.

AUTUMN - with the rich tones of gold, rusts and warm browns, reflected by the falling leaves.


WINTER - a season of contrasts, with the crisp white snow lying on dark tree branches and the bright green holly bush displaying scarlet berries.


By enrolling in a Colour Consultation you will not only ensure confidence, but save time and money when shopping too, as you will now have the knowledge to understand what really suits your complexion - a wonderful, lifetime skill.

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