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Everybody can discover the secrets of style and it would be an honour to reveal the true, NewYou.


Joanna Medley offers consultations in all aspects of image consultancy, including; Colour Analysis, Illusion Dressing, Wardrobe Management and Personal Shopping.


Nothing to Wear? Oh yes you have! You just need the correct knowledge to rescue, revive & build upon the outfits you own.


Contact Joanna Medley for an informal chat to find out the best package for you.


About me

Joanna Medley BSc (Hons), MFIPI. An Image Master with years of experience in the field.

As NewYou is NOT a franchise we have complete freedom of choice and flexibility to develop your own unique Image and Direction.

Everybody can discover the secret of style and it would be an honour to reveal the True, NewYou.

Friends in the Community

I am striving to achieve a service and products that provide a Cleaner Beauty, the Green Way, plus creating a fairer, more ethical world, within the fashion industry, for the conscious consumer.


I am therefore now extremely proud to be working with Zao and All Earth Minerals offering make up ranges that are organic, refillable and vegan. If it is the first time application or a full cosmetic bag detox it will be an environmentally friendly experience with lots of advice (if required).


Lifestyle LookBooks


Create a look that is right for YOU, not for anyone else. So, be it 'Catwalk' or 'Cartoon', NewYou adDRESSES real life and finds a look that fits your personality, lifestyle and budget.

Building upon the traditional services, we can now offer: Finds, LookBooks and Catalogue Creations, completely tailored to your own specific requirements.


Click below for more and discover the exciting possibilities available to you.

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